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  Exporters Of Electronics Systems, Transformers, SMPS, DC DC Converters, Inverters, Control Panels, Thane, India
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All Types Of : Power Supplies, SMPS, DC-DC Converters, Inverters, CVT, Line Filters, Control Panel,
Electronic Items and Transformers.


SAIRUSH ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS has been established in 1995 by a dynamic entrepreneur with Technical & Management Qualification & having previous work experience in diverse fields such as R & D, Production, Marketing & Servicing of collectively more than 15 years in reputed concerns. Engineering & Production expertise is continuously applied to the technical needs of the Industry.

Today, the Company stands dedicated to serve diverse clientele in field of Electronics covering a very wide spectrum which includes,

  POWER SYSTEMS consisting of SMPS, DC DC Converters, Float cum-Battery Chargers, Linear DC Power Supplies, High Current Rectifier, High Voltage     Power supplies.

  RFI/EMI DEVICES consisting of Filters for DC & AC Applications.

  CUSTOM DESIGNED PANELS to suite specific application of individual customers. We take careful, controlled steps to ensure that a quality, ragged     product comes off our lines.

It has been "SAIRUSH ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS" endeavor to being quality equipments at affordable prices to the market.

S-SAIRUSH F - Fixed, V - Variable, N - Noise Filter, M - Multioutput,
U - Ultra Isolation
L - Linear, S - SMPS, D - DDC, C - Charger, P - Precision, F - Filter, A-AC output, H - High Voltage.
100's of Voltage 10's of Voltage 1's of Voltage
100's of Current 100's of Current 1's of Current


Suffix D to Model number indicates Isolated Dual Output.
Suffix T to Model number indicates Tracking Dual Output
Suffix R to Model number indicates Rack Mounting.


"SAIRUSH ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS" warrants each instrument to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This obligation is limited to servicing any SAIRUSH instrument or part returned to the company for that purpose and making goods any parts thereof which shall be, within warranty period, returned to the company under a written intimation, and which to the company's satisfaction to be found defective. The company reserves the right to decide as to the whether the repair work should be carried out in the Company's factory / service center, or at site, or at any other place. The freight incurred for to and fro dispatch of defective material will have to be born by the purchaser, and the transit risk for such material will reset with the purchaser.

The Warranty will last for a period of 12 months from the date of initial delivery / dispatch of the instrument from the factory. The Warranty for the replaced components will lapse alongwith that of the main instrument.

The Company reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications without notice and without any obligations to make such changes on units previously sold.

Unless supersed, or specified otherwise in contractual form, this warranty is made expressly lieu of other liabilities and obligations on the part of the Company.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in contractual form, the title of the goods passes to the purchaser, upon delivery to him or to his representative at the company's factory or upon delivery to the transport carrier, as the case may be.

Continuously Variable (CV - CL) Power Supply - SVL    |   Continuously Variable (CV - CL) Dual Output Power Supply - SVL - D    |    
'Precise' Variable (CV - CC) Dual Output Power - SVP - D
   |    'Precise' Variable (CV - CC) Power Supply - SVP    |   
Power Supply For Linear IC Circuits (Dual Tracking) - SFL - T
   |    Fixed Output Power Supply - SFL    |    DC - DC Converter - DDC    |    
Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)    |   Float Cum Bust Charger - FCBC    |   High Current / High Power Rectifier - SFC    |    
High Voltage Variable Power Supply - SVH
    |    'Super' Ultra Isolation Transformer - SUA    |     RFI / EMI Filter & Spike Suppressor - SNF
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